Avenger C Stand 20″ Sliding Leg | Kit

$18.00 + GST

Kit Includes

1 x Sliding Leg C Stand 20″

1 x Grip Head 2.5″

1 x Grip Arm 20″

Rental period

1 / 1 available

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The Avenger A2033LKIT 20” C-Stand is a chrome colour steel stand with sliding top leg, that can be slid on the main riser tube to compensate for uneven terrain, or rest on an apple box for levelling.


The 3 fold-away legs are at different heights allowing the stand to be packed away tight in set corners for storage, or fold away for easy transport.  With added D200 and D520 extension grip arm, it will hold flags, scrims, lights or booms.


Avenger technology includes-


Captive locking handles impossible to loose handles.
Welded spigots guarantee highest quality performance.
Superior design of the locking column prevents finger pinching.
Avenger only uses all bolt construction to maximize rigidity. 


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