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Rogue R1 BeamWash is a versatile and compact moving head that projects a punchy beam and wash. Weighing just under 12 lbs., the unit features a custom-designed optical system with seven, 40W RGBW LEDs and an expansive zoom range of 3.4° to 67.7° that allows for it to project tight, solid beam effects at its most narrow and transforms the light source into a nice even wash with excellent color blending as it expands. The unit’s small size also allows for a superfast and smooth pan and tilt movement. It’s also RDM enabled for remote addressing and is equipped with a selectable PWM setting to maintain flicker free operation on camera.

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– Fully-featured RGBW LED yoke wash fixture with zoom
– 16-bit dimming of master dimmer as well as individual colors for smooth control of fades
-7 RGBW LEDs, 40 W each
– 5-pin DMX input/output connections
– Unique lens design for excellent color blending and tight beam effects
– Extremely fast, smooth pan and tilt movement
– RDM enabled for remote addressing and troubleshooting
– Selectable PWM settings for camera operation
– User-selectable calibrated white for 7500 K at full output
– User-selectable red shift in all dimming modes to emulate tungsten fixtures
– 6 distinct dimming modes for advanced control
– Omega mounting bracket fits all Rogue and Maverick fixtures
– Easy-to-read OLED display with simple, effective menu options
– Simple and complex DMX channel profiles for programming versatility

Light Source: 7 LEDs (quad-color RGBW) 40 W, (980 mA), 50,000 hours life expectancy
Color Temperature (range): 2800 to 10000 K
Beam Angle: 4° to 37.8°
Field Angle: 5° to 58.2°
Cutoff Angle: 5.5° to 67.7°
Zoom Range: 3.4° to 67.7°
Lumens – Source: 5,400
Lumens – Output: 3,967 Wide
Illuminance (5°): 13,939 lux @ 5 m
Illuminance (55°): 383 lux @ 5 m
Selectable PWM: 600 Hz, 1,200 Hz, 2,000 Hz, 4,000 Hz, 6,000 Hz, 15,000 Hz
Pan and Tilt: 540°/230°
Pan and Tilt Ranges: 180°, 360°, 540° pan/90°, 180°, 230° tilt
Dimmer: Electronic
Shutter/Strobe: Electronic
Zoom: Motorized
Strobe Rate: 0 to 20 Hz
Standalone Color Mixing: Yes
Color Temperature Presets: Yes
Dim Curves: 4
Built-in Automated Programs: Yes
Customizable Programs: No
Recall Custom Programs: No
Dimensions: 8.42 x 6.29 x 14.52 in (214 x 160 x 369 mm)
Weight: 11.8 lb (5.35 kg)
Exterior Color: Black
Housing Material: High-impact flame-retardant polymer
Power Connection: Edison (Local) plug to Neutrik® powerCON®
Power Input: Neutrik® powerCON®
Power Output: Neutrik® powerCON®
Data Connectors: 5-pin XLR
Cable Length (power): 5 ft (1.5 m)
Control Protocol: DMX
DMX Channels: 14, 15, 19 or 21
Modes/Personalities: 4 personalities (14, 15, 19, 21)
Input Voltage: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz (auto-ranging)
Power Linking: 5 units @ 120 V; 8 units @ 208 V; 9 units @ 230 V
Power and Current: 285 W, 2.38 A @ 120 V, 60 Hz
Power and Current: 285 W, 1.37 A @ 208 V, 60 Hz
Power and Current: 284 W, 1.23 A @ 230 V, 50 Hz
IP Rating: IP20, dry location
Rogue R1 BeamWash
Neutrik® powerCON® power cord
Omega bracket with mounting hardware
Professional Clamps: CTC-50HC, CTC-50HCN
Safety Cable: SC-07
Neutrik® powerCON® cables
DMX Cables
Flight Case: CP6CASER1W
UPLOAD 08 software uploader



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