DJ-Power SW 2000 | Low Lying Fog Machine

$400.00 + GST

Kit includes

1 x DJ Power X-SW2000 Water Fog Machine

1 x Extension Hose

1 x PowerCon Power Cable


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DJ Power X-SW2000 Water Fog Machine

X-SW2000 Water-Fog Machine creates a continuous spooky low-lying fog hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. By using Ultrasonic technology, the need for dry ice is eliminated. Main consumables are distilled water or pure water, environment friendly, cost-saving, and space-saving. It is perfect for large clubs, large stage productions, rental companies, and production release conference.

The DJPower X-SW2000 Low Fog Machine creates continuous low-lying fog which hugs the floor and dissipates without rising. By using ultrasonic technology, the need for dry ice is eliminated. All that is needed is distilled water, which saves on cost and is better for the environment. Fog output and fan speed can be adjusted manually or via DMX and the unit also features a timer function and wireless remote. The X-SW2000 is perfect for small clubs, stage productions, product releases, conferences, and parties.

You don’t have to deal with the hazards of dry ice anymore. The X-SW2000 is space-saving and user friendly (optional Chinese UI). Adjustable fog output with continuous or volume or timer, DMX-512 setting supported. Long-lasting body design with austenite welding and anti-corrosive primer. Enhanced duct material, lighter than similar models, portable and durable;


Drain holes design for both water tank and fluid tank, free from leakage
Low fluid consumption, 3.5L fluid reservoir-6 hours on full output
Integrated into a flight case (with castors), applicable for touring
Built-in LCD control, 3pin and 5pin DMX control
Advanced No-Fluid protection
Clear fluid level display
Anti-loose power plug