Electrovoice ETX 18SP | Powered Subwoofer

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1 x Electrovoice ETX 18SP

1 x IEC Power Cable

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The Electro-Voice ETX-18SP is a powerful powered 18″ subwoofer designed to give you the low end your PA needs. This powerful portable 18″ subwoofer features the latest Class-D amplifier technology with on board DSP for ultimate flexibility flexible to suit almost any application. The ETX18-SP features a strong durable enclosure made from 18mm thick 13-birch plywood  which houses the DVX3180A 18″ Woofer and powerful 1800W amplifier to deliver a solid and punchy bass response with a 135dB SPL output!

Supplied with removable casters making it easy to load in/out of gigs and storage.


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