Godox Bowens Parabolic Softbox QR-P120 | Softbox

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1 x Godox QR-P120 Parabolic

1 x Diffusion Material

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Godox quick release parabolic softbox adopts an impressive quick release system for rapid setup and breakdown. Highly versatile and compatible, it provides you reliable light quality and allows you to get creative. Available in 3 different sizes, this fast and easy to use softbox is an ideal companion for your indoor and on location shootings.

The large 120cm softbox is the largest in the Quick Release range and is ideal for fashion and portrait shooting and creates a beautiful soft light drop off. An optional grid (sold separately) can also be used to focus and direct the light giving you even more control over your lighting. 

The softbox features a silver reflective interior for punchy and high contrast lighting, this can be softened using the included inner and outer fabric diffusers. The softbox features a deep parabolic design which is popular among photographers and videographers alike. 

Fabric Grid (Optional)
The fabric grid(optional) is available to narrow the beam spread for more precise control.

Lift to Open
Effortless setup-simply lift the rods from the speed ring until they click in place. Most photographers will lift 2 opposing rods simultaneously, considerably speeding up the process and saving time.

Push to Close
Quick breakdown-simply lift the rod slightly while pushing its button, then you can pack to next job.

Perfect Small SpeedRing
The speed ring is designed to be as small as possible to make the softbox kit easier to carry and storage during the photography journey

Versatile Compatibility
Compatible with a wide range of Bowens mount strobes and continuous lights, this softbox can also use with Godox or Profoto light sources when a corresponding speed ring (optional) is used.


Collapsible design 
Portable and easy to set up and pack down 
Bowens Mount with optional speed rings for Godox and Profoto Mount lights 
Inner and Outer diffuser 
Quick breakdown 
Optional Grid (Sold Separately)
Large 120cm size 


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