Godox Octobox 4′ 120cm | Softbox

Kit Includes

1 x Godox 4″ Octobox

1 x Diffusion Material

1 x Eggcrate

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The Godox 120cm / 48” Octagon Softbox is designed to diffuse any Bowens mount strobe flash, giving you softer, even lighting.

It features a silver reflective interior, a large 120cm / 48″ size and a flush front face. It also includes an internal diffuser and features an easy to set-up collapsible frame. Finally, a detachable velcro grid is included to allow a more focused light for different creative lighting scenarios. Overall, this is an essential modifier for any professional portrait photographer. Perfect for use in:

Portrait Photography
Fashion Photography

Family Photography
Corporate Photography
Creative Photography
and more.

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