Light Pro 4-Bank | Lamp Head

$40.00 + GST

Kit Includes

1 x Lightpro 4 Bank Fluro

1 x IEC Power Lead

1 x Manfrotto 004 Click Stand


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4 high-quality Osram fluorescent tubes – 880W output
8000 hours of light
integrated four-leaf mirrored barn doors for directional light control
adjustable bracket for the vertical or horizontal position
high color rendering index (CRI >90)
pro-standard electronic ballast
diffuser included
individual bank control adjusts output intensity without risky dimming


These four tubes will give you an equivalent of 880 watts of bright, colour consistent, flicker free light. They are capable of over 8,000 hours of operation, making them an economical choice. Diffuser, barndoors, and mounting bracket included. These units come with two brackets for each head, allowing them to be positioned horizontally and vertically.