NEXO PS10 full range 10″ | Speaker

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1 x NEXO PS10


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A high power system capable of producing 132 dB Peak SPL, the new PS10-R2 Loudspeaker can be safely driven with up to 1250 Watts of amplifier power. Controlled by the new DTD Controller, the PS10-R2 achieves high SPLs and wide bandwidth performance, despite being only half the weight and volume of common trapezoidal loudspeaker systems.

High-power system (132dB Peak SPL@1m) with 10in LF and 1in HF drivers
Rotatable asymmetrical horn and unique cabinet architecture ensure versatility
User-adaptable for both PA and stage monitoring applications
Two-way passive 8Ω design uses a single amplifier channel for simpler installation and lower cost
Sophisticated control electronics ensure the reliable, linear operation
Supported with a full range of mounting and flying accessories
Frequency Response [a]
65 Hz – 20 kHz ±3dB
Usable Range @-6dB [a]
58 Hz – 21 kHz
Sensitivity 1W @ 1m [b]
99 dB SPL Nominal – 97 dB SPL Wideband
Nominal Peak SPL @ 1m [b]
129 to 132 dB Peak
HF Dispersion [c]
50° to 100° Hor. x 55° Vert.
Rotatable Horn
4 positions
Directivity Q & DI [c]
Q : 16 Nominal DI : 12 dB Nominal ( f > 3 kHz )
Crossover Frequencies
2 kHz Passive
Nominal Impedance

Recommended Amplifiers
500 to 1250 W / 8 Ω