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Kit Includes

4 x HydraPanel FP6

4x FlexBase FP6 FB

3x ConnectorPlate FP6 CP

4x BabyPin 1/4″ AX BBP 1/4

4x SoftFrame 100 FP6 SF 100 

4x Intensifier 80 FP6 INT 80

4x EggCrate 40 FP6 EGC 40

4x EggCrate 60 FP6 EGC 60

4x DiffusorSheet 100 FP6 DS 100

4x GelHolder FP6 GH

1x Power Supply for Hyperion Tube FP3 CHR

3x 200mm Power/Data Cable PWB CAB 0.2 

1x Charging Case for HydraPanel FP6 CHRCSE 4

8x Waterproof cover for ports PB15 PLG

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HydraPanel stands out in its class due to its exceptional versatility, offering the ability to shape beams with six included light modifiers and a wide selection of mounting options. Additionally, the full-spectrum Titan LED Engine delivers an impressive 1300 Lumen output even when powered by batteries.

The Astera FP6 HydraPanel LED Light is a compact lighting solution, measuring 6.5 x 3.3 x 1.7 inches, suitable for both studio and on-location use. It serves well in film, studio, and stage settings for illuminating people, objects, or scenery, either directly or indirectly. You can adjust its color temperature within a range of 3200 to 6500K, and it boasts impressive color accuracy with a high CRI/TLCI rating of 96. The HydraPanel is powered by a full-spectrum Titan LED engine, delivering a remarkable 1300 lumens of brightness, and its built-in battery provides up to one hour and 45 minutes of runtime at maximum brightness.

This lighting kit includes a lightweight panel and various accessories such as a diffuser, egg crates, and a gel holder. You can easily mount the HydraPanel using its included FlexBase accessory, a Baby pin, or the rear magnet. Plus, its built-in battery allows you to use it conveniently on location.

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