DJPower | H-8 Pro Bubble Machine

$80.00 + GST

Kit Includes:

1x DJPower H-8 DMX Pro Bubble Machine

1x Power Cable

1x Fluid Bottle included


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The H-8 DMX Pro Bubble Machine marks a significant advancement in professional bubble machine technology. Built to last, it efficiently generates a large volume of bubbles, enhancing any setting. This machine features two adjustable fans at the base, allowing for precise control over the speed and direction of bubble projection. Additionally, it is designed with a smart system where any surplus bubble fluid is channeled back into a waste fluid tank via a pipe, preventing any mess on the floor.


  • Nozzle-pipe delivery system which protects each bubble from the disturbance of the machine parts and each other to reduce bubble failure rate.
  • Dual nozzles generate enormous quantities of bubbles.
  • Enclosed fluid tank stores and keeps fluid protected against the environmental elements for long time to ensure the quality of bubble projection.
  • Enclosed fluid tank allows machine’s transportation with fluid in.
  • Two high power speed adjustable fans and four angles wind outlet.
  • Durable plastic or stainless-steel nozzle.
  • Unique design of waste fluid collection bin, to collect excess bubble fluid by flowing back through pipeline instead of dropping on the ground.
  • Built-in LCD control, wireless control and DMX control.
  • Please use DJPOWER professional bubble fluid Pro-P.


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