DSAN | PerfectCue Micro | Presentation Clicker Cue Light System

Kit Includes:

1x PerfectCue Micro 3-button Transmitter with laser

1x PerfectCue Micro Receiver

2x USB Cables

1x Storage Case

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The DSAN PerfectCue Micro is a compact, programmable, remote computer controller. It has the same exceptional RF performance and ability to control two computers as the larger PerfectCue and PerfectCue Mini. The keystroke or keystroke macro stored in each USB port can be reprogrammed using the free programming app. The communication between the transmitter and cue light is solid at 300 feet.


  • Laser pointer on remote transmitter
  • Two onboard USB ports that can be programmed for any keystroke or keystroke macro
  • Remotely control presentation software through keyboard commands delivered through 2 USB ports. For e.g. advance slides in MS Powerpoint or keynote
  • One cue light can control additional cue lights by wiring together the cue lights with Cat5 Cable
  • Match cue light and transmitter communications on selectable channels so cue lights can be used in adjacent rooms


  • Range: 90 metres (300ft)
  • Serial Data Ports: none
  • Sound cues: none
  • LED Indicator Lights for Forward/Reverse/Blank Screen
  • Transmitter batteries: CR2032 and CR123
  • RF Communication: 433.92MHz on 256 possible channels

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