FX Lion Nano Two | V-lock Battery | 98Wh

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Kit Includes

1 x FX Lion Nano Two 98Wh Battery

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20 / 20 available

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The FXlion Lightpro NANO TWO 50Wh 14.8V V-Mount Battery is an ultracompact, lightweight 98Wh battery that can support up to 10A draw at a nominal 14.8V. It provides four accessory ports including one 14.8V D-Tap for powering various accessories or mobile devices. USB ports include one USB Type-A output, one USB Type-C input/output, and one micro-USB input.

Charge the NANO TWO battery using a standard V-mount charger or via its micro-USB input. A built-in LCD screen on the front of the battery shows the remaining battery capacity and the voltage of each accessory port.


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