L-Acoustics | P1 | Processor

Loudspeaker amplification, 96 kHz/32 bit DSP, Ethernet network
4 channel class D amplification fed by 4 inputs (analogue or AES/EBU)
Green SMPS power supply with PFC
4 x 1000 W power at 8 or 4 ohms for 200 ms
EQ station with 11 EQ (IIR/FIR) filters and 1000 ms delay per output
Air absorption compensation filter
Exclusive L-DRIVE system protection
Comprehensive L-ACOUSTICS preset library
5 s start-up time
LA NETWORK MANAGER 2 software for remote control & monitoring

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The LA4X is an amplified controller based on a 4-input by 4-output architecture and an exclusive green power module providing
maximized efficiency. With LA4X, L-Acoustics® speakers can get all the benefits of self-powered speakers, while keeping the versatility
of the separated amplification approach. The L-Acoustics systems can be operated in three connectivity modes, as described below.

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