Philips | Selecon Acclaim Axial 18°-34° Zoomspot 650w | Tungsten | Kit

Kit Includes

1 x Philips Selecon Acclaim Axial 18°-34° Zoomspot

1 x Manfrotto Followspot Stand

1 x Avenger TVMP

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The Acclaim Axial 18°-34° Zoomspot is a compact high performance, cool beam ellipsoidal profile with the power and precise beam control necessary for front of stage lighting from auditorium positions and pattern image projections for the smaller to mid size stage.

Interchangeable lens tray between Medium and Wide versions.
Beam adjustable from smooth, flat beam for pattern projections to high intensity peak distribution for stage washes.
Unique easy to use and precise adjustable beam Peak-Flat mechanism.
Captive shutters offering wider degree of masking angles.
Heat control in – beam filter.
Slot provided for Iris or rotatable (35°) pattern holder.
‘Swing-down’ doors for easy access to lens cleaning.
Mains isolation via micro-switch when back is removed for lamp changes.
Constructed of pressure die-castings and aluminium extrusion.

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