ProCo | DB-1 | Mono Passive DI

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1 x Radial AV 2 DI

1 x 3.5mm to Dual TS0 Cable

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The Radial ProAV2 is a passive stereo direct box specifically developed with the audio/video integrator in mind. The ProAV2 features a variety of stereo inputs, greatly simplifying signal management. To eliminate the need for various adapters, a ‘Swiss Army’ array of connections are provided, including 1/4″ for instruments, RCA and 1/8″ connectors for consumer electronics and computers, and a +4dB XLR Outputs for professional systems.

The ProAV2’s front panel connectors can also be used as thru-puts to allow multiple patch points. Custom wound transformers are employed that are able to withstand exceptionally hot levels while maintaining linearity from 20Hz to 18.5kHz. Transformer isolation adds the benefit of eliminating ground loops that cause audio hum and buzz and video hum bars or snow. A -15dB pad is provided to tame hot signals and the ground lift eliminates hum and buzz caused by ground loops.

Key features:

Pro ‘Swiss Army knife’ direct box for multimedia
1/8″, RCA, 1/4″ inputs
+4dB XLR outputs
Custom-wound transformers
Easy to use
Passive ultra-quiet design
Eliminates ground loops causing hum & buzz
Handle huge transients without distortion

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