Shure PSM 1000 | 6 Stereo Channel Touring Package w/ Combiner and Paddle

Kit Includes

1 x PSM 1000 P10T Rack Transmitter

1 x PSM 1000 P10R Wireless Body Pack Reciever

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The P10T is a networkable, full-rack, dual channel wireless transmitter used in conjunction with the P10R Wireless Bodypack Receiver as part of the PSM®1000 Personal Monitor System. It offers a 72 MHz wide tuning bandwidth, networked remote control via Wireless Workbench® software, advanced rechargeability options, and PSM®900 backwards compatibility.

Connections include balanced ¼” and XLR, loop out, dual Ethernet ports, and headphone monitor out.

Comes with front or back mountable antennas, and power and Ethernet jumper cables.

Note: When purchasing separate wireless components, please match their frequency bands to ensure proper system operation
Select a Combination                                                                          P10T=-G10: PSM Wireless Transmitter, Frequency band version: G10, Power supply included                         
                                                                          P10T=-H22: PSM Wireless Transmitter, Frequency band version: H22, Power supply included                         
                                                                          P10T=-J8A: PSM Wireless Transmitter, Frequency band version: J8A, Power supply included                         
                                                                          P10T=-X55: PSM Wireless Transmitter, Frequency band version: X55, Power supply included                         
Full rack, dual-channel transmitter in a professional, touring grade chassis
72 MHz wide tuning range provides flexibility and performance in crowded, unpredictable RF environments
Networkable over Ethernet connection to provide comprehensive frequency coordination and transmitter remote control via Wireless Workbench® software:RF mute enable/disable
RF output power adjustments
Aux/line level
Audio input level
Channel/device name edit
Firmware updates
Backwards-compatible with PSM®900 receivers
RF Mute Switch allows system setup without causing RF interference
Sync RF scan information from a P10R bodypack quickly and easily over IR link
Switchable 10/50/100 mW output power provides a robust RF link in a variety of performance environments
Spectrum display provides a detailed frequency plot on the menu screen with selectable zoom
Front panel audio input gain adjustment and LED level meter with clipping indicator
Exceptional transmitter linearity vastly reduces frequency intermodulation, allowing more compatible channels per frequency range
High-contrast LCD with grouped menu items provides an intuitive user interface
Front or back mountable antennas
Compatible with PA821B and PA821A antenna combiners
Loop out connectors for multiple mix setups and easy installation
Switchable +4dBu and -10 dBV input level
Balanced, ¼” and XLR connectors
1/8″ headphone out on the front panel for easy monitoring



Ultra-thin, low profile bodypack allows discreet placement on the performer
Twin-antenna diversity virtually eliminates drop-outs from interference
Precision front-end RF filtering reduces RF interference for a cleaner, stronger RF signal, fewer dropouts, and less audible artifacts
Customized, digitally enhanced stereo encoding provides expansive stereo separation
Automatic Gain Control prevents signal dropout due to RF overload and allows more channels to be used simultaneously
CueMode allows monitoring of different stage mixes and storing of up to 20 separate channels on one bodypack for quick and easy reference
MixMode Technology allows the bodypack user to balance the level of two separate channels while simultaneously listening to both signals in both ears
RF Scan – instantly scan the RF environment on stage
Syncs to the transmitter quickly and easily over IR link using Scan and Sync
Switchable 10/50/100 mW output power provides a robust RF link in a variety of performance environments
Separate, easily visible audio and RF status indicator LED’s
Audio level and battery life metering
Selectable high-frequency EQ boost (+3/+6 dB @ 10 kHz)
Volume and balance controls
Extruded aluminum construction for rugged dependability

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