Canon 5-100mm KT20x5B KRSD PS12 B4 | Broadcast Lens

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1 x Canon KT20x5B KRSD PS12

1 x Front Lens Cap

1 x Rear Lens Cap

1 x Zoom Rocker

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The Canon 5-100mm KT20x5B KRSD PS12 Portable ENG Lens exhibits high MTF and ensures high-resolution and high-contrast from the center of the image to its extreme edges, meanwhile maintaining its compact size and weight. It minimizes of chromatic aberrations and maximizes image contrast. It is suitable for use with the Panasonic AG-HPX300 camcorder.

This multipurpose HD lens offers a focal length of up to 100mm while maintaining a horizontal wide angle of 52°. In addition, combined with a high-sensitivity (F1.4) maximum aperture, this lens can be utilized in a broad range of shooting situations. It is designed in response to low-cost HD POV demands of broadcasters and HD producers for special-application acquisition systems. It also facilitates the corporate, business, and industrial sectors to painlessly transition from SD to HD.

The relative light distribution is optimized for more open aperture settings and this uniformity of brightness across the image plane combined with the high contrast and high picture sharpness produces vividly clear HD images. The contrast for this lens has been extended by careful control of black reproduction using an optical and mechanical design that substantially reduces flare, veiling glare, and internal reflections. The lens has been designed keeping tight control of the geometric distortion at wide-angle settings. The lens has been designed with a spectral transmittance characteristic that is compatible with most of the major portable cameras to ensure adherence to the HDTV colorimetric standards and to additionally support flexible creative control of color reproduction.

The HDSC lens has been manufactured by excluding harmful substances such as cadmium, PBBS, PBDPE, and mercury from the mechanical parts, and at the same time incorporating lead free glass and reducing the amount of hazardous substances used in electrical parts.


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