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Kit Includes:

8x PB15 PixelBrick PB15

1x PowerBox PWB 2 86

8x BrickConnect PB15 BCN

8x 17 BeamSoftener PB15 BSO

8x 30 FloodFilter PB15 FF

1x PixelBrick Charging Case

1x PowerCON TRUE1 Cable

18x Waterproof covers for charging ports PB15 PLG

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The new generation light of multi-purpose light, PixelBrick is a minimalist light with a square display, easy to carry, convenient and light weight. In addition to having 5 distinct beam options and being a battery-operated up light, PixelBricks can be joined to create clusters and other designs.

The Astera PixelBrick 8-Light Kit with Accessories includes 8 PixelBricks, each featuring 15W RGB LED lamps, BrickConnect, FloodFilter, and BeamSoftener. The package also contains a powerbox, charging case, and powerCON TRUE 1 cable.

Measuring just 3.6 x 3.6 x 3.7 inches, the PixelBrick offers power, color, and control options. Its color temperature spans 3200 to 6500K with a high CRI/TLCI rating of 96, ensuring precise color reproduction. An RGB mint amber mode and a 360° colour wheel provide a myriad of color choices, adjustable through hue, saturation, and intensity.

Control-wise, the PixelBrick supports DMX, LumenRadio CRMX, wired DMX consoles, and Bluetooth app control for wireless smartphone management. A built-in battery allows 20 hours of operation after a four-hour charge.

Key features include Talkback+ for light detection and setup, Seamless Runtime to preserve brightness, TruColor Calibration for consistent color, Effects creation, Flicker-Free technology, Green/Magenta Correction, Scheduled StandBy mode, Dynamic PowerBoost, Emergency Lights function, Anti-Theft security, DJ Feature for beat-matched effects, and a feature-rich AsteraApp™.

Discover unparalleled lighting possibilities with the PixelBrick 8-Light Kit.


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