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Kit includes:

8 x Titan Tube LED Lights

1 x PowerBox 

16 x Eyebolts M5

16 x Holders with Cotter Pins 

8 x Baby Pin 

8 x Stand 

1 x Charging Case for Titan Tube 

1 x PowerCon True1 / Cable 1.5m

8 x DC Charging Cables

8 x Waterproof Covers for charging port

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Titan stands as the ultimate LED tube for TV, cinema, and photography, redefining film lighting. It caters to filmmakers, TV studios, and creatives, emitting powerful tunable white and vivid colored light applicable at pixel precision or tube-wide.

With boundless versatility, Titan adapts indoors or outdoors, AC-powered or battery-driven, controlled on-the-go with the AsteraApp, and connected via wired or wireless DMX.

Within the Astera System, smart control unites infrared remote, wireless DMX, and app, simplifying extensive setups. Swift installation, monitoring, and adjustments become seamless.

Key features encompass Talkback+ for detection and setup, Seamless Runtime for continuous brightness, TruColor Calibration for exact color reproduction, and Effects for dynamic programs.

Flicker-free via Scrambled PWM, Green/Magenta Correction eases post-production. Scheduled StandBy conserves power, while Dynamic PowerBoost sustains maximum brightness and vivid colors.

Emergency Lights mode ensures white light during power loss. Anti-Theft combines alerts and AsteraApp notifications for security.

The DJ Feature syncs programs with beats, and AsteraApp™ constantly expands features via updates, reinforcing Titan’s groundbreaking stature.

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